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Embracing Mobile Technology For Education

Digital transformation in the education industry is on the rise altering the old traditional teaching style of lectures and talks. Mobile apps are helping students to overcome the boundaries of classrooms and learn everything at their own pace. The profound influence of mobile apps has brought significant change leading to the implementation of advanced and intuitive learning methods. Digital solutions have made learning more accessible and flexible than ever while supporting digital-ready teaching ecosystems.

Tailormade Education & E-learning Solutions

To meet the demand of today’s education, we create fully functional solutions to cover various e-learning domains. Being an e-learning software development company in the USA and India, we evaluate your requirements and industry specifics to develop a fully-featured EdTech mobile development solution.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We help you create a new LMS from scratch or modernize an existing LMS tailored to your needs with advanced features and intuitive design. We will assist you at any stage of the LMS software development life cycle.

Custom E-learning Applications
Custom E-learning Applications

As an eLearning app development company, we help you build scalable applications to customize the learning experience for schools, colleges, educational & management institutes, and service providers.

Online Training Applications
Online Training Applications

Our advanced training portals help organizations hit specific learning goals or cover a selected learning area while focusing on the dynamic interaction of e-learning participants.

Online Learning Platforms
Online Learning Platforms

We develop interactive, self-paced learning platforms built with competency-based models, assessments, quizzes, and more.

Video Conferencing & Streaming Apps
Video Conferencing & Streaming Apps

With video conferencing and streaming apps, we help you establish interactive and hassle-free communication between teachers & students for 1-to-1 interaction.

Educational Gaming Apps
Educational Gaming Apps

We help you develop apps that attract students towards learning through games that they love to play while making it both engaging and productive.

Our Technology Capabilities For Education Industry

To provide our clients with the best-in-domain services, we support all crucial tiers of eLearning software development. We work to provide interactive solutions with enhanced mobility experience for institutes, universities, startups, schools, colleges, entrepreneurs, and more.

1.Content Delivery

We help you set up a cloud environment where your users can access educational assets from any device, any time.

2.Feature-rich Applications

We design applications with innovative and interactive features making them unique and more productive.

3.Seamless Integrations

We help you put together all e-learning facets by integrating solutions apps, CRM, payment systems, and BI tools.

4.Latest Technologies

To provide the best interactive experience, we use the latest technologies like AI, AR/VR, Chatbots to build your eLearning app.

5.Standard Regulations & Security

We follow all the e-learning data privacy and accessibility guidelines to make sure security remains specific in our solutions.

6.Compliance Support

At Scalex, we know how to build products that ensure data security by conforming to various regulatory requirements.

Why Scalex For Education App Development Services?

We are a reliable e-learning and education app development company helping companies with faster response times and better ROI. We understand that an EdTech app development project involves considerable effort, and that’s why we work next to you to ensure that the process is always up to your expectations.

Edtech Domain Knowledge
Domain Knowledge

Our experts have sound experience in developing innnovative e-learning solutions.

Ease-of-use & Usability

Our solutions have clean, uncluttered interfaces designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Interactive Designs
Interactive Designs

We create immersive and engaging e-learning software solutions.

Agile Approach
Agile Approach

We strive to deliver best solutions backed by agile tools and methodology.

On-time Delivery
On-time Delivery

We respect deadlines and ensure prompt delivery of all our projects with consistent results.

Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support

We provide 24x7 support to ensure that your application is always ready and bug-free.

Our Education & E-learning Case Studies

We have the expertise to deliver the best e-learning mobile app development solutions for the education industry with considerable knowledge of development, design, and business elements. We take care of our clients and their requirements in a detailed manner.

Courses Driven Online Learning App For Schools
Courses Driven Online Learning App For Schools
Employee Collaboration SaaS Platform
Employee Collaboration SaaS Platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how we work and solve challenges to meet your e-learning software development requirements.

E-learning apps, like every other mobile app, have a customizable option. Hence the cost of the app depends on the size, feature sets, platform, complexity of the idea, and many more things. Get in touch with us to get an estimation for your e-learning app at the earliest.

The time to create a fully functional application is based on several factors. The development time fairly depends on the features, functionalities, complexity of the application, and the platform to run on. We follow an agile development process that helps us deliver your project in the minimum possible time. Let’s discuss your project to get an exact time.

We are a versatile education and e-learning software development company, and we provide a range of services to offer one-stop solutions for our clients. We develop different types of education and e-learning apps with unique features to suit the requirements of our clients. This means that no matter what kind of app, features, or services you require, you can partner with Scalex and always expect the best.

Yes, of course. We serve all industries and businesses, whether small, medium, or large. Our experts have over 10+ years of work experience in the education industry, and our understanding of working with many startups previously gives you an added advantage. We have worked with many different companies, having a lot of different requirements. We have worked with some biggest MNCs, and we have also worked with recently incubated startups. This has provided us with the expertise to understand diverse client requirements and the capability to fulfill them efficiently.

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