10 Most Preferred React Native Tools by Top App Developers

10 Most Preferred React Native Tools by Top App Developers_Scalex
June 20, 2022 | 6 min read

React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks. It is a JavaScript framework, developed for building native apps for platforms such as Android and iOS. React Native is based on a JavaScript library created by Facebook called React, and thus brings its power to native mobile app development.

This tool matches the present mobile app development market requirements. With two operating systems leading the landscape, enterprises creating mobile apps often face a tough choice:

  • Build apps that are quicker to develop and can be executed on more devices and platforms.
  • Or build apps that offer a better user experience.

React Native solves the problem of the tough choice. It is one of the most mature cross-platform app development frameworks. This is the reason why organizations, such as UberEats, Facebook, Tesla, and others use it to create seamless cross-platform mobile app experiences from a single codebase. Excellent React Native apps are built using excellent React Native tools.

Why are the largest companies using React Native?

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The main purpose of React Native is to bring the power of React to native mobile apps development. React Native components are pure, side-effect-free functions that return what the views look like at any time. For this reason, it is easy to write state-dependent views, as one need not bother about updating the view when the state changes. It is the framework does this work for the user. React Native has multiple benefits, such as being cross-platform, cost-effective, enhanced UI/UX, faster time to market, modular architecture, and so on. Looking at these benefits, various leading organizations, such as Facebook, Walmart, Scalex Cloud, and so on that have adopted this technology.

Scalex Cloud is a top React Native App Development company that leverages the incredible flexibility and power of React Native to deliver apps efficiently, quickly, and seamlessly. React Native is the ideal business solution for you if you want to save time, money, and other resources significantly. Scalex Cloud strives to add value to each mobile app development project that comes their way. With a significant portfolio of React Native apps, the team has substantial experience that helps with the delivery of quality products faster.

Ten Most Popular React Native Tools by Top App Developers

10 Most Popular React Native Tools

Though React Native is the most mature cross-platform mobile app development framework, it does not enjoy the same number of mobile SDKs and development tools as Android apps and native iOS do. Often, for iOS which programming language is best, is a major question. In this blog, let us go through some of the best React Native tools for a mobile app developer.

  • Builder X: From the developers of NativeBase, BuilderX is a browser-based React Native design tool that converts your designs to code. BuilderX is available with icons and a component library for every requirement to help you build beautiful apps quickly, or you can simply convert your Sketch designs to React Native using the tool.
  • Bitrise: Bitrise is a mobile-fixated React Native CI/CD tool that one can use to program the build, test, and deploy pipeline of an app with just a few clicks. Each build runs on its own virtual machine and data is discarded once the build ends. So, does not need their computer for building. Bitrise also integrates with more than 300 other tools to fit right in with the toolchain.
  • Codemagic: Codemagic is also a CI/CD tool that one can use to program the build, test, and deploy pipeline of an app and fits in with one’s favorite tools. It also provides data encryption for all the sensitive data and code is not stored on the servers. One can even fix specific user roles with the team access control feature.
  • Mixpanel: Mixpanel is among the most dynamic and powerful analytics tools available in the market. This tool helps one track their users and how they interact with an app. Mixpanel, with its React Native SDK lets one track key metrics and create funnels to help convert, involve, and retain more users.
  • Countly: Countly is an open-source analytics tool for mobile apps and the Web. This tool can be used to track a users’ in-app behavior. Its React Native SDK also enables one to track key metrics and create funnels to help convert, involve, and retain more users.
  • Instabug: Instabug is a platform for real-time contextual insights for mobile apps that can be used for crash reporting, in-app bug reporting, App Performance Monitoring (APM), feature requests, and surveys. One can enable their users to report bugs they face without leaving the app by integrating Instabug’s React Native SDK within the app. Instabug takes a screenshot that can be blurred and annotated by the users and captures complete device and log details to help one identify and resolve issues faster.
  • Apptimize: Apptimize is a mobile-focused feature-flags and A/B testing tool that provides support to React Native mobile applications. This tool helps one launch A/B tests for experimentation with different ideas to enhance an app experience and improve the funnels while settling for the best performing variants. One can also use their feature-flags to control the releases, ease rollout risks and rollback without an update, or simply for targeted releases, such as releasing only to the beta testers.
  • Appodeal: Appodeal is one of the most feature-rich and powerful mobile ad mediation tools present in the market. This tool allows one to monetize an app by serving ads from the leading ad networks. They provide a hybrid in-app bidding technology that one can customize by giving higher priority to the favoured ad networks from over 70 ad networks present on the platform. Appodeal also provides A/B testing for audiences, ad placements, product updates, and more to help one improve their setup, in addition to powerful reporting to help one comprehend how well their app is performing.
  • Judopay: Judopay is an in-app payments tool that can help one manage their payments through an app. This tool also enables one to accept different payment methods. Their SDK offers highly customizable pre-built checkout pages that can be easily adapted to a brand.
  • Square: Square is another in-app payments tool that can manage payments in an app and help one accept different payment methods. Their SDK also offers pre-built checkout pages that are highly customizable and which can easily be adapted to a brand.

As mentioned in this blog, React Native apps are armed with a powerful, modern technology that enables organizations across the globe to reach new customers on mobile platforms. They are fast, effective, and relatively easy to learn for JavaScript developers. The idea of creating apps using a single paradigm for all platforms does sound a bit unbelievable. However, React Native enables the acceleration of the process of developing apps across multiple platforms, thanks to the probability of reusing most of the code between them.

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